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05/20/10 02:16 PM #1    

Anne Hambright (Hill)

This is wonderful-thank you, Annie, for putting it together!!!!!

05/20/10 05:29 PM #2    

Annie Williams

Thanks Anne!!  Let everyone know and get them to sign up!  Again I am still learning so some things may happen slow but will happen.  If you have not figured out the "a" on my computer has a probelm!

05/20/10 08:04 PM #3    

Bobbie Sue Short (Bratton)

Wow, Annie,

I'm impressed..........Bobbie Sue

05/21/10 02:29 AM #4    

Randy Brazzell

thank you Annie, this took quite a bit of time and effort on your part, just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated.



05/21/10 09:09 AM #5    

Wayne Wingate (Wingate)


05/21/10 01:19 PM #6    

Annie Williams

I don't want to take the credit we copied rhhs64 snd rhhs65.  This is a menu driven site.  I am still reading instructions.

05/24/10 09:32 PM #7    

Sandy Simmons (Wilson)

I, too, appreciate you doing the work on the website for us - you're the best!  It really is great!

05/25/10 06:04 PM #8    

Jimmie Sue Shuman (Weems)

Thanks for doing all the hard work and trying to keep up with all of us that have moved away, more than once in some instances.  This is really fun, trying to reconnect with friends that you haven't seen or heard from in years.


05/28/10 07:06 PM #9    

Sandra Orr (Odom)

 Well, Annie, I've been all over the site...color me IMPRESSED!  ( and a wee bit jealous that I can't do something GRAND like this site!). Well done. 


06/05/10 05:48 PM #10    

Lea Cook (Lowery)

Outstanding-thank  you, Annie.

06/18/10 11:44 PM #11    

Vicki Collins (Nunn)

This is great! I was wondering about my school   buddies now I have somewhere to check. I noticed so many of us (young ) people have passed So very good fun people have gone. 

06/20/10 11:28 AM #12    

Sue Rawls

What a wonderful website!This may have started as a mini renunion effort but will serve as a way to stay connected .Many thanks for all your time and efforts as well as to those helping you track our classmates down.

06/26/10 03:07 PM #13    

Elaine Whitton (Davis)

I added pictures from the last reunion.  Check them out in the Photo section.  

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