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06/01/16 01:04 PM #45    

Annie Williams

Thank you all for helping me understand how the message forum works!! (You will not receive a notice of your post. You will only see posts made by other classmates.

FYI I have received two emails commenting that a live band may be too loud for us to have conversations at the Reunion. I think this would be a good format for all to comment on this matter. Thanks

06/02/16 08:08 AM #46    

Billy Adkins

I think they better bring thier hearing aids! You never talked before so why now?

Billy Adkins

06/02/16 12:49 PM #47    

Annie Williams

Billy You are being a mess. This is an open discussion and everybody's opinion is valuable!

06/02/16 01:25 PM #48    

Chris (Christine) Conner (Byers)

Annie. Never received message

06/03/16 01:44 PM #49    

Donna Greene (Weiner)

I am seeing Annie, James, David, Charlene and Christine. 

06/05/16 09:21 AM #50    

Edward McFadden

I am excited about our upcoming 50th reunion and seeing former classmates. I would like to suggest that the planning committee organize some sort of fund-raiser during our reunion for a non-profit organization in the Rock Hill area; e.g., an organization working with the homeless, hungry, or needing clothing, etc. We could take on sponsors for a fun run or walk; dance for an hour contiuously, or some other way.  I believe that many of us have been blessed in our respective lives and hope that we would be willing to give back to the community which "raised" us.

John Ed McFadden

06/05/16 12:27 PM #51    

Annie Williams

What a Grand Idea!!!

06/06/16 03:29 PM #52    

Joy King (Collins)

I am receiving them Annie and I saw the other comments from Charlene and even silly Billy! We went to Northside together.  He was the same way then.:)  Love you Billy.  Very nice obit or was it a message about his  dad.  My sympathies.  And yes, thanks Annie for your hard work keeping us connected.

04/09/17 03:24 PM #53    

Celeste Williams (Brockington)

I will not be at the reunion as I just got a new knee. I will miss seeing you all and will dance in my dreams.  

04/21/17 12:48 PM #54    

Rebecca Baker (Blackwell)

Hi Classmates!  I know you will have a wonderful time at the reunion this weekend and wish I was joining you. Next week is the last week of the semester at Pellissippi State, and I'm swamped with grading, writing exams, helping students, etc. I will be in Rock Hill in May or June to visit family and would love to meet up for lunch one day.

Have a great weekend!


04/23/17 10:26 PM #55    

Joe Edward Cook

Hello RHHS Class of 1967! Last night we celebrated our 50th class reunion at the Rock Hill Country Club. Everything about this reunion was great. So many friendships were renewed and many were made. We had classmates from Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New York, and many states in between.  It might have been 50 years since we graduated but our class only gets better with age. Edward and I can't wait until we see all of you and more at our next reunion. Hope to hear comments from any attended.

Edward and Martha

04/26/17 12:53 PM #56    

Bill White

A special thanks to all committee members who so selflessly gave of their time, energy and resources to make our 50th class reunion such a great event. It takes tremendous effort to put something like this together and all of you did a superb job. The food, drinks, decorations, video, directory, reunion location and music all were fantastic. Everyone had a wonderful time re-acquainting with friends and remembering our younger days. Although this was a joyous time of reuniting, it was wonderful how the committee elected to remember, reflect and cherish the memory of our classmates who have already passed on.

Again, on behalf of the class of 1967, thank you for a wonderful and memorable weekend.

Bill and Janice White







































07/26/17 08:47 AM #57    

Annie Williams

Luch Bunch will fe the 4th Friday in August. which is August 25!!

09/10/17 03:20 PM #58    

Martha Rees (Rast)

(Posted on the Class of 1966 forum page 8-26-2017)

Friends.  I am finally able to write about my loving and beautiful wife, Martha (RHHS 67), whom I lost in this world on Tuesday evening, August 22.  Thank all of you who provided support during this most difficult 53 days to Martha and my family, especially her class of 1967 and my class of 1966 at Rock Hill High School, our many church friends, neighbors, and all those who loved Miss Martha and treated her so well at Publix on Heckle Blvd. in Rock Hill.

I would say that this has been one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had.  Some of you know that I tend to intellectualize most things; however, the existential reality of this situation has hit me deep in my heart.

 I am at peace because I know my Martha is at peace.  For me, all reality is one; thus, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly are all subsumed under that deep reality that some call God or the Godhead.  We are all in this unity of truth; yet, most of us never experience it.  Martha and I became one flesh in this life, it now seems that my very being has been torn a part.  However, since Martha’s peaceful transition, I have felt her presence, her guidance.  This has brought a deep peace to me.  Love is eternal, and nothing can separate us from those we love.  I know I will experience Martha is a much fuller manner when it comes my time to transition from this world.

Words fail us at times like these.  I harken back to Julian of Norwich, the English anchorite, who writes, “all will be well, all will be well in God.”

We will have a memorial mass, a celebration of Martha’s life, at a later time, most likely on a Saturday morning close to her birthday, which is September 18th.

Continue to pray for our family.  Some are not yet experiencing the peace that I am.

I have posted a beautiful picture of My Martha with our son, John, and his wife, Yoshiko

Peace to all

Steve Rast (RHHS 1967)



10/30/17 01:02 PM #59    

Martha Rees (Rast)






Martha Josephine Rees Rast

      Martha Josephine Rees Rast, 67, transitioned peacefully from this life with her husband, Steve, at her side, August 22, at CMC Pineville after a brief illness.  She was born September 18, 1949, in Kershaw, SC, to Richard K. and Josephine M. Rees.  She moved in 1955 to Rock Hill and attended Winthrop Training School until her junior year of high school.  In 1967, she graduated Rock Hill High School and after graduation attended Massey Fashion Institute in Atlanta, G.A.

      On November 4, 1967, she married her high school sweetheart, Steven Douglas Rast, at her home church, the Episcopal Church of Our Savior.  They lived in Columbia and Camden until moving to Rock Hill in 1974.

      Martha was active in the community serving as President of the Rock Hill Democratic Party as well as serving on the York County Democratic Executive Committee.  She served as Clerk of the Rock Hill 5 voting precinct and was a volunteer for the local meals on wheels program and served Habitat for Humanity of York County as Chair of the Family Selection Committee.

      She was active in church work serving as leader of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship at Lyttleton Street UMC in Camden and Bethel and Aldersgate UMC in Rock Hill.  Also, she served as choir director at Aldersgate.   She became a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in 1989 and was a member of the choir, youth leader, and team member of the RCIA program.  She also was a member of the Ecumenical Chorale. 

       Recently she had found a new way to serve her community and found a new family serving as an associate at the Publix on Heckle Blvd.  

       Martha is survived by her husband, Steve, her daughter Rebecca Wrenshall (Gerald) Saunders of Liberty Township, OH, and three sons, Steven Douglas, Jr. and Christian McDonald Rast of Rock Hill, and John Richard (Yoshiko) Rast of Funabashi-shi, Japan; three grandchildren, Madison Claire and Trey Saunders and Sho Rast; and two sisters-in-law, Janice R. (Bob)Lambert and Cheryl K (Holland) Stowe and a niece, Cynthia Stowe, all of Rock Hill and a nephew, Jason Kritzer, of Lynchburg, VA.  She was predeceased by her parents, Richard and Josephine Rees, and her Uncle and Aunt, Col. James McDonald and his wife, Florence.  She also leaves behind the two family Maine Coon cats, Tucker and Margot.

      The Funeral Mass for Martha will be held at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, 902 Crawford Rd., Rock Hill, on Saturday, November 4, at 10 am.  The family will receive friends after the service in the Church Social Hall.  Committal Rites will be held on Sunday, November 5, at the Oratory Memorial Garden after the 6 PM liturgy at the Oratory Church.  Memorials may be made to the Oratory Community, 434 Charlotte Ave., Rock Hill, S.C. 29730.

     The family thanks Martha’s Publix family, the Rock Hill High School classes of 1967 and 1966, her church family, the York County Elections Office, the doctors and nurses of CMC Pineville, and  her many friends, all of whom supported Martha and her family through this most difficult journey.    

      B. L. Frederick Funeral Service in Chester, SC,(frederickfuneral has assisted with arrangements.            

02/21/21 05:00 PM #60    

Brenda Cox (Tolton)

Hi Bearcat Friends, I'm happy to say that I am finally back home in Rock Hill. It's been a long time, and a wonderful time, but I am glad to be back in Bearcat Country! Hope to run into many of you around town.

05/09/21 10:33 PM #61    

Billy Adkins

Diane Wylie HAPPY      BIRTHDAY.      Happy Mother's Day

05/17/22 06:46 PM #62    


Stephen Sealy

While cleaning up old files, I came across the RHHS group picture that was taken in Washington on our senior class trip. I scanned it at 300 DPI and uploaded it to Dropbox at

In case that doesn't work for you, here is the picture:

11/15/22 11:56 PM #63    

Ronald (Ronnie) Starnes


Here goes, again!!   As you sit all warm and comfy, think back to summer and how HOT it was.............................How hot was it?  

The birds had to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.

The trees were whistling for the dogs.

You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.

When the temperature dropped below 95 degrees F, you felt a little chilly.                          

You discovered that in August, it only took two fingers to steer your car.                

Your biggest bicycle wreck fear was “What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and get cooked to death.                    

That potatoes cooked underground, so all you had to do was to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper.  

Maybe more later.      

Your friend and mine........Ronnie     




02/23/23 09:00 PM #64    

Elaine Pontus (Hamby)

I understand that RHHS REUNION for 55 is coming soon a year late ??!!   Thank God we have been a rather healthy group.  I  will try to come at least to Friendly's.   I do have my brother Stan has cancer and not well, 3 surgeries so far makes it tough.  My other brother John's wife is having some difficult problems and my childhood friend Carol Anderson from '66  has constant prayers for her husband with metasticized CA bones and head and seizures. Pray for them if you can they all need it.      Elaine

03/13/23 01:32 PM #65    

Wayne Wingate (Wingate)

Just thought about this today.

2023 is to 1967


1967 is to 1911

Now, that puts our lives in perspective.

You're welcome . Please note I wrote you're not your, thank you Miss Stowe.

03/24/23 01:51 AM #66    

Ronald (Ronnie) Starnes

For your information!,,,It is 1:32A.M.  and  I have  a rebutale....what you have given as equilazations from what has happened and now is irrelelent (sp) to what I have discovered by searching the internent, one is that elderly people should go to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. and wake up at 2:00 to 3:00 a.m..  Also, WE should take a bath at least ONCE a week, and preferably TWICE a week.  This is only for your (not you’re) consideration..............

                                  Any comments!          Time is now 1:50 a.m.    Goodnight!


05/09/23 01:42 AM #67    

Ronald (Ronnie) Starnes


On May 7th, 1945, Private First Class CHARLES HAVLAT was killed in combat in the European Theater of Operations during World War II, 78 years ago this past Sunday.  He was a member of the 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion recon patrol that came under fire by German troops. After taking a defensive position, he lifted his head and was struck and died instantly--this was ten minutes before a unilateral ceasefire was to have taken effect and six hours before the unconditional surrender of Germany.  The German commander, upon hearing of the shooting of Charley, apologized for their actions.

Charles is interred at the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, near Saint-Avold, France, Plot C, Row 5, Grave 75.  
Charles landed June 13th, in France, via Omaha Beach, as the 803rd fought in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Battle of Aachen and the Battles of Hurtgen Forrest and THE BULDGE.  They crossed the Rhine on March 23rd, 1945.

PFC CHARLES HAVLAT is recognized as the LAST American soldier to die in Europe during the Second World War.    The Havlat family was not informed of this fact until 1995.



05/10/23 11:19 PM #68    

Ronald (Ronnie) Starnes




This was printed in the Herald (when--unknown).

Reader' views.                Event honored fallen soldiers

In South Carolina and North Carolina, May 10th is Confederate Memorial Day.                                                      
  This day is to honor more than 620,000 men and women who died in a terrible war where brother fought brother.  Many of these fallen soldiers were buried far from their homes and loved ones and some in unmarked graves.  Because of this fact many of the graves fell to neglect and natural destruction.                                                                
This thought of neglected graves of loved ones buried so far from caring family members was a disturbing one. Widows of lost Confederate Soldiers in Columbus, Miss., had the cemeteries cleaned and marked, and on April 25th, 1866, they put flowers on all of the graves of the Union soldiers. Similar happenings were going on elsewhere in the South where there were unknown, once an enemy, and loved ones' graves. This was a day to remember the ones that gave their greatest gift.

  Not only in the South we're there Remembering Days. Waterloo, N.Y. has been given credit for having the first community-wide ceremony where soldiers were remembered. On May 5, 1866, the local businesses were closed a ceremony was held to honor their local soldiers and sailers who were lost in the "Terrible War".  Many letters from soldiers that went to this war have been saved and read and reread. For many families these letters were all that they had to remember a loved one who gave his life for patriotism (both North and South, my comment).  
To remember one of my ancestors on this day of remembering, I would like to share part of one of his letters that he sent home.

This letter is as written in July 16th, 1862 in Rutherford County, N.C.

Dear father,

...I have nothing of importance to write to you more than you have heard. The pepopel is nearley gone from her army. The conscripts left this morning.

Hit is verry bad that pore men hve to leave thir littel children to perish and nothing to fite for but rich grand scamps who is allways trying to git what a pore man has and what he work for and if them kind of men goze to rest after deth it will bee a wonder to me. For I dont think there is enny good in this work but I know that there is a heap of rascality.

I want you to write to me as soon as you git this and let us no whunter David is ded or not. Iseenin the nouse paper that there was a D. Mull kild in the first battel at Richmond and we wood like to whuther hit is so or not....we want to no where Peter is now... Write to me soon and giv us all the nuze...


Three brothers went to war, one brother came back home alive, one came back dead and the other one may be in one of those many unmarked and unknown graves for his letters stopped coming and he never came home.

JANE MASSEY                Van Wyck


02/15/24 11:25 PM #69    

Ronald (Ronnie) Starnes


I have no idea what I am doing, BUT here goes, why is it that the people who attend the lunch bunch lunches that I attend, and the fairly resent high school reunion are so it because my eyes are failing due to overuse of Facebook,or what?
If I have offended anyone, or anybody, please forgive me; no don't, I am old enough to take any criticism for my words or deeds.          If this does not amuse you, then you are too serious, and need to lighten up a little bit.

Wayne Wingate,     If you can only see rocks, then don't feel bad; neither my wife or I can see / find the "face" that Gary says is there--he's crazy as a "loon" ( see his other posts ), but he would not "fib" to a Class of '67 "Oldie but Goldie" classmate. 





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