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06/26/10 04:30 PM #14    


Jim Pope

 Thank you to all for attending the lunch get together at Popes at The White House.  Great to see some many good friends. We are a work in progress. We hope to have an outside deck (naming rights available) and soon we will be cleaning the outside shed for outside seating (Rosie's Garden)  Every WHITE HOUSE has to have a ROSiE Garden. :-) Hope to see you all!

07/02/10 03:34 PM #15    

Annie Williams  Check out this website.  It shows pictures of the food that will make your mouth water.


07/14/10 04:45 PM #16    

Joyce Wood


Congratulations on a job well done! This is my first time to attempt to put something here so I hope it gets through! Its great to hear from all these folks!

Joyce Wood

07/27/10 06:58 PM #17    


Charlie McDow

Good to see Son Snipes and Linny Butler added to the list of classmates planning to attend the party this weekend.  Does anyone have other classmates to add?

07/31/10 11:21 PM #18    

Judy Arthur (Lewis)

We were here. Where were you???? If you weren't here, we talked about you!

Judy Arthur Lewis

A great time was had by all!

Sue Rawls

We had a great time to night.   Look forward to the next event. - charlie mcdow


Amy Tipton Tallent

If you are not here you missed a good time.



08/01/10 03:36 PM #19    

Anita Nelson (Perrault)

I really wanted to come to the mini, but we had already made plans. It sounds like alot of fun and a good turn out. Annie thank you for the work you do to keep things going. Hope to see some of you at one of the luncheons. Anita Nelson P

08/01/10 04:11 PM #20    


Marie Barrett (McDow)

Thanks to Johnny and Geri for hosting the party.  A great time was had by all.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  The time just always goes by too fast!    Names of many classmates that weren't present came up during the party, but the stories were told anyway!  You should have been there!  I managed to stay awake until 3 a.m. enjoying stories from Charlie, Johnny K., and Son S.  By 12 noon, Johnny was headed back to TN, and Son was awake.  Hope to see a big turn-out at the 45th reunion! 


08/03/10 12:43 PM #21    

Debbie Threatt (Trussell)

What a great night. Fun talking with class members about the "good ole' times". Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this night special.

08/04/10 10:42 PM #22    

Joe Edward Cook

Edward and I had a wonderful time at the mini-reunion.  It was so good the see everyone.  A big thank you to Johnny and Geri for opening their home to the Class of '67.  Annie, thank you for keeping everyone updated with what's going on.  Barbara, keep up the good work locating our classmates. 

Edward and Martha Cook


08/24/10 06:52 AM #23    

John Rinehart

Our beloved Dot Amick passed away last night at 10:15 PM at the Wayne Patrick Hospice house. One of the sweetest and kindest ladies I have ever known. She will truly be missed.

Please keep her family in your prayers.

John Rinehart

10/21/10 06:34 PM #24    


Gerald Gulledge

The next Reunion should be in the spring and somewhere near Rock Hill,not follow " THE LOUIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION".There is time to look for a GOOD place and when found,put it on the site and see how the class mates respond.I would do it if I lived in Rock Hill.Just some thoughts;for me to come if would have to be in the spring--- NO HOT WEATHER.

11/07/10 02:47 PM #25    

Pat Roberts (Clark)

Anything I can do to update the "Missing classmates" section?  There are still classmates listed as missing when they shouldn't be on that list.

Pat Roberts Clark 

01/07/11 11:15 AM #26    

Chris (Christine) Conner (Byers)

Fellow Bearcats,

I will be having total knee replacement on Friday, Jan 28 at 7 AM. Please keep me in your prayers.

08/22/11 05:18 PM #27    

Billy Adkins


You missed my Birthday on July 11. Yes I did update my info.


11/25/12 02:02 PM #28    

Vicki Collins (Nunn)

Annie, Thank you so much  or telling my classmates  that I neeeded  some memories Mitzy wrote telling me things, It sounded like she was talking about someone else. It is awful to have years wiped out. Sometimes I can remember some mundain  thing that has no value. I sudddenly remembered my adress whe I live in Cal. I was a little gil. Bill white wrote as well as mitzi  and I thank them who can tell me of any memories they may have.

02/15/13 12:05 PM #29    

Abie Edwards

Jase Brock Edwards was born January 16, 2013 with 5p- Syndrome (five p minus), also known as Cat Cry Syndrome. He is currently at NICU (the intensive care unit for ill infants) at Levine’s Children Hospital in Charlotte, NC. He will be there for another month, at a minimum.

Jase has already had a tracheostomy and a permanent feeding tube inserted. He will require ongoing medical support.To help Nicole & Chris with Jase’s medical expenses, a fundraiser is being held.

February 23rd
11:30am - 2:30pm

16oz Soup & Cornbread - $5

A.B. & Kathy Edwards’ Residence
3675 Strait Rd.
Rock Hill, SC

(Turn left off Hwy 72 approx. 2 miles past
the RH Country Club)

Donations can also be made at:

Thank you, in advance.

04/19/13 11:46 AM #30    

Vicki Collins (Nunn)

PLESE ASK FOR PRAYER FOR MY HUSBAND. hE USE TO BE SO STORNG  and sure footed now he has parkinsons and it is very hard to see him going down like this. He has always been there for me . I had 7 skin grafs on my lege, 5 pulomary embpli , open heart for a valuve and now on dialsis  five days a wek. I do home hemo. It is so much better. I have enjoyed when people wrote and filled in some memories  for me. I will thank anyone who could tell me any thing. Most of my memory is gone for some years, some more than other. I never can remember what month and year my boys were  born. I use to be a great reader , but doring the heart surgury I had another  small stroke on the table and it got my eyess. I have a blind spot and no longer drive. THAT iIS   BAD!!! 

I pray for all my class and their clildren  , because they are the ones who have to put up with the  things that go on in schools now.

01/05/14 03:53 PM #31    

Leena Hyvarinen (Tienhaara)

greetings to all friends of rhhs of year 67 from the finnish student lh!


01/06/14 05:47 AM #32    

Leena Hyvarinen (Tienhaara)

dear annie

a fine rhhs connection site!  i just told a friend how lucy i was as i love singin

that in 67 i could join the choir of 500 young people from rhhs to record the lp

christmas  and then spring lp too    and I  sure wish the best to all my friends and also brian ward

happy new year to you all        lt


01/17/14 11:15 AM #33    

Leena Hyvarinen (Tienhaara)

happy new year to all classmates of rhhs 67  brian ward    rita yury   etc          leena h


05/17/16 09:41 PM #34    

Annie Williams

Father of Bill Adkins, Jr., class of 1967. (Special forces, combat, Vietnam).

SC World War II hero Bill Adkins gets some medals just months before he dies


Posted: Monday, Mar. 11, 2013 in the CO

ROCK HILL Bill Adkins, a World War II combat veteran from Rock Hill, died Saturday at age 86.

Adkins, known as “Reb” in the Navy, a machinist afterward, had muscles of steel.

His guts were even stronger.

His courage in 1945 was finally recognized just months before Adkins died. Last year, the military issued Adkins many of the combat medals he earned, but had never been awarded.

In February 1945, Adkins helped the men of his PT boat that had been sunk to an island in the Philippines. Using a knife, he fashioned shoes from life jackets so the men could walk over coral to dry land, and not attract sharks or leave a blood trail for the Japanese enemy. Then Adkins, with leaders dead from the explosion on the ship, dealt with natives and avoided the enemy for days until finally signaling rescuers using a shaving mirror.

Adkins’ eardrums were destroyed in the ship blast.

When Adkins acted so bravely, he was just 18 years old.

But until last year, Adkins was never awarded all the ribbons he deserved. So many were dead, including the officers who would have documented the heroics, and Adkins had been evacuated afterward. The boat crew was dispersed, then the war ended. His valor went unnoticed.

The office of 5th District U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney last year helped get Adkins some medals, taking up the effort to seek commendations that former U.S. Rep. John Spratt had started years earlier.

Included are combat badges and more, seven medals in all.

“He earned them, too and more,” said Bill Adkins Jr., himself a decorated Vietnam War combat veteran. “What my father did was heroic. Plain and simple.”

In requesting the medals from the Navy years ago, Spratt called Adkins’ actions “repeated acts of bravery.”

In a letter to Adkins before he died, Mulvaney wrote that there are no awards or medals that can acknowledge the service Adkins gave his country.

“Our state, and this nation, remain permanently indebted to you,” Mulvaney wrote to Adkins.

The politicians of both parties got this one right: Adkins was as brave and tough as they come. In 1945, 18 men on that boat were helped to safety because of Adkins. Three died in the blast.

On Adkins’ arm since the end of World War II was a tattoo. Not 2013 tattoos that the young think are cool or tough. But a wartime tattoo inked in some parlor with the only anesthesia a bullet to bite.

The tattoo said: “Sailor’s Grave.”

Bill Adkins, in 2007, said this about that tattoo: “That’s for those three men on my boat got killed that day. Couldn’t save ’em, can’t bring ’em back, so I did what I could to honor ’em.”

That’s why that old man had that tattoo.

“My husband was a good and honorable man,” said Audrey Jackson, Adkins’ wife of 64 years.

Adkins had to quit school around age 10 to help his family, then worked in a shipyard in Florida until he was old enough to join the Navy during the war. After the war ended and his enlistment finished in 1948, he could not re-enlist because of his damaged ears.

Adkins worked in tough mill and factory jobs until he retired. Only late in life did his family try to get the medals. They still hope that more will be awarded.

Adkins will get at least one more medal Tuesday before he is buried.

In his father’s casket, Bill Adkins Jr, special forces, combat, Vietnam, will place his Silver Star.

“Daddy earned it,” said the son.

05/26/16 10:10 AM #35    

Annie Williams

I am trying to update this page so that if a response is posted by any and all classmates it will automatically be sent to all class members. I have watched videos but not sure I have accomplished this goal. It will be a great way to have long, ongoing conversations with all classmates. Let's see if this works! wink

05/26/16 02:19 PM #36    

Doris Mather (Davis)

Congratulations on a job well done Annie :) Nice way to stay in touch with classmates and friends.

Doris Mather Davis

05/26/16 06:34 PM #37    

Minerva Wylie (Sanner)

This sounds like a great way to keep in touch and plan for the reunion! Thank you so much, Annie, for all your hard work in keeping our class connected!  Minerva




05/27/16 07:19 AM #38    

Annie Williams

HOT Dog!! This is working!! YAY! Now to stimulate a little conversation, here are a few nostagic questions! Put your Tom Terrific thinking caps on! (Remember Tom Terrific?)

In 1967

Who was the school district superintendent?

Who was our principal?

Who was our librarian?

Good Luck!


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